Like arriving

Each 30 minutes joins the Prat with the 2 terminals of the airport. The most next stop is the one of the Street Lleida with Road of the Bunyola, that is to some 5 minutes of the hotel (500 metres).
It is the nocturnal bus that goes to the terminal 2 of the Airport.
It is the nocturnal bus that goes to the Terminal 1. The nearest stop is in the Street Colonel Sanfeliu with street Lleida, to 500 metres of the hotel.
Bus 165 Pratexpres
Barcelona (Square Spain) - The Prat (But Blau)
With this bus in 15 minutes will be in the Square Spain of Barcelona where can take the metre to arrive to any zone of the city.
In the another felt this bus will spend them of the Prat to the Polygon of Businesses But Blau where have his headquarters the offices of some compañias aereas.
Bus 65 Barcelona - El Prat
Barcelona (Square Spain) - The Prat 
With this bus in 30 minutes will be you in the Square Spain of Barcelona, where will be able to take the metre to move by the city. By the path this bus will go stopping in front of the Hospital Oncológico Last i Reinals, very near of the new enclosure ferial of Montjuïc 2 in the city of the Hospitalet, or right in front of the Big Shopping centre Via 2.
In the contrary sense, the bus 65 now also arrives to the Centre of Nagocios But Blau.
Bus 21
The Prat - Barcelona (Av. Parallel)
If it approaches you until the Road of the Marine (to 300 metres of the hotel) will be able to take the bus number 21 that will drive him through the Frank Zone and the port until going in in Barcelona by the Coastal Round. 
It can go down in the Avinguda Paralel and will be to few steps of the Port Vell, of the Maremagnum and of The Promenades. In the same avenue Pralelo there are some of the most important theatres of the city.
Bus L78
The Prat -Sant Boi
Bus L10
The Prat - Sant Just Desvern
To 1 minute of the hotel, in front of the Jardí of Mon Racó can expect you the bus L10 that will approach to the season of Renfe of the Prat. This continuous bus his distance deteniendose also in the Hospital of Bellvitge.
Lineas internas de autobuses
PR1, PR2, PR3 and PR4
They are lines that circulate unicamente by the Prat. The nearest stop have it to 5 minutes of the hotel in the Street Lleida. In a sense all spent him to the station of trains of cercanias of the Prat. In the another sense will stand out that the line PR1 arrives to the airport, that the line PR3 during the months of summer will approach them to the beach and that the PR4 spends to a lot of workers until the Polygon Pratense, the Mercabarna, the Frank Zone and the ZAL.
Estación de cercanías de Renfe
Passage of the Estació, 19.
General information Renfe, tel. 902 240 202 

By The Prat spend, at present two lines of train:
- Line C-2:Sant Vicenç of Calders-Vilanova-Maçanet
- Line C-10:Barcelona (season of France)- Airport

To go of the season of Renfe to the hotel recommend to take the bus L10 direction The Prat-Sant Cosme and go down in the unemployed Av. Onze Of Setembre-Canet of Mar
Encárguenos su taxi
If it wishes it, can commission us his taxi the night before. We will call to the head office of taxis to ask the vehicle to the hour that you have indicated us.
Nevertheless, if you does not want to expect his taxi inside the hotel, indicate him the nearest stops:
- Av. Remolar/c. Vall Plough (season Renfe)
- Pl. Església/City council
- Av. Verge Of Montserrat with c. Saragevo (CAP Ramona Via)
- Av. Verge Of Montserrat beside Marry give Puig
- Plaça Mestre Estalella
- Av. Remolar (Hotel Ciutat of the Prat)
- C. Llobregat With the street Túria
In his distances from the airport, the taxis charged them a minimum amount that is on the 25,00 euros. The taxi drivers also will charge them a supplement by each case.
Acceso directo por las carreteras

Direct access by the roads

C-31 (autovía of Castelldefels)
B-201 (road of The Prat to Sant Boi)
C-32 (motorway Pau Casals)

Also from the rounds of Barcelona and from the To-II (Coastal Belt - autovía of the Baix Llobregat) through the Leg South, and directly from the Frank Zone of Barcelona through the bridge of Mercabarna.
Al aeropuerto del Prat

To the airport of the Prat

The municipality of the Prat is separated a pair of kilometres of the enclosure aeroportuario. From the door of the hotel will have to visit hardly 4 km until arriving to the T2. The new terminal T1 remains a bit more move# away.
A Barcelona

To Barcelona

To the hour to displace to Barcelona has to take into account the time that can lose because of the traffic or to the jams.
Until the season of Sants there is some 13 km, that usually make in some 20 minutes.
From the Prat until the Promenades there is some 15 km.
Until the north season there is some 16 km.
A Castelldefels

To Castelldefels

The Prat is to some 15 km of Castelldefels, what can comport some 20 minutes in car.
A Sitges

To Sitges

The Prat is to some 32 km of Sitges, by what in car will take him a bit more than half hour arrive. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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