Special prices

Precios especiales
Small discounts

We will offer a small discount on the general price of the accommodation to the following groups. It is necessary to identify like such. We recommend to do the reservation with antelación put that the squares are limited.
Have discount:
- Accommodation for the assistants to the course of Vueling
- Hard-working of Aena
- Mossos d'Esquadra www.sap-ugt.cat
- Participants in the Fair Avícola of the Prat (second weekend of December)
- Participants in the commercial mediaeval Fair of the Prat (to finals of June)
-Familiar that come of wedding
- People of out with familiar ingresados in the Hospital of Bellvitge or in the Hospital Oncológico Last i Reynals www.bellvitgehospital.cat  www.iconcologia.net/catala/hospitalet/index.htm
Cursillos Vueling
The Prat-But Blau: Bus 65-165-PR1 to 500 m of the hotel 
Cursillo Vueling
It asks after the special prices during the course of Vueling!
Fair Avícola
We are just at the side of the fair.
Workers of Aena
Periodically we launch special offers. Apareceran In our web!
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