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Things that do in The Prat

Although we are very near of Barcelona, have done him a round-up of the activities of leisure and cultural that can carry out if it decides to remain in the Prat. Also we want to stand out the natural spaces that offers our small city and that also are interesting to visit.
- Inform of the activities that organises the Centre of Environmental Information of Marry Them d'in Puig
- It visit the natural spaces of the delta of the Llobregat like the Pineda of Can Camins or the itinerary of Ca l'Arana
- It stroll by the kitchen gardens
- It discover the path of the beach and detain to half path to see land to the aeroplanes
- It arrive until our beach and observe as it can combine the public use of the coast with the respect to the fauna and the autochthonous flora
- It stroll by the bank of the rio Llobregat
- Approach to the Centre of Information and Promotion of the Delta of the Llobregat (Virgin Avenue of Montserrat number 77) so that they explain him what oferece the Prat: natural spaces, agricultural spaces, ... Also it can consult the web

- Approach to the Museum of the Prat in the Cultural Centre Tower Balcells
- It visit the exposures of the Room d'Art Josep Bages in the Tower Muntadas

- It assist to any of the representations of the Teatre Modern
- It enjoy of the concerts in The Capsa

- We advise him that before attending to the shopping centres and spend in big marks, stroll and curiosee in the tents of the Prat, for like this give a help to the economia local
- If it prefers it, a short minutes in bus have the Big Shopping centre Via 2, with 2 plants devoted to tents, with several restaurants and with a cinema multisalas.

- It take advantage of to assist to the activities that organise distinct associations and Catalan entities as for example the meetings sardanistas, the meetings of groups giganteros, the correcalles with devils, …
- The Spanish emigrants in the Prat also have his “Houses of…” to maintain his traditions

- Maintain in shape in any one of the municipal sportive installations
- It animate to the sportsmen pratenses in his competitions and parties
- It assist to the parties of first division of the Real Sportive Club Spanish in the new stadium of football Cornellà-The Prat

- It assist to the religious celebrations of any one of the three parishes of the Prat

To be knowledgeable of all the activities that make in the Prat recommend them consult the web page of our city council:
To inform  of all what can visit in the region of the Baix Llobregat will be them very useful visit the page
Stadium Cornellà-The Prat
Near of the Stadium of the R.C.D.Espanyol
The path of the beach
We are just at the side of the home of the path of the beach of the Prat
The beach of the Prat
In summer this is a beach very concurrida
The edifice of the Semaforo
Take a morning to arrive until the coast and visit the ancient edifice of the Semaforo
Ancient caserna of the carrabiners
It discover the history of this ancient caserna where the carrabineros controlled the maritime traffic 
Natural spaces of the river
It follow the signals that indicated him the path to be followed
Natural spaces of the river
If it likes him stroll, approach to the zone of the river Llobregat and will enjoy of these landscapes.
Natural spaces of the river
Protect of the mosquito tiger!
Camí Of the Bunyola
By the Path of the Buñola are to 1700 m of the natural spaces of the river and to 4600 m of the beach of the Prat
Local publications
We have of several magazines to be to the dia of the local actuality
It likes us the Prat
Have ancient photos of the village.
This bird is used to to live in the zone of the delta of the Llobregat.
Photo aerea of the Delta of the Llobregat
The delta seen from the air. It stands out the airport and the urban area of the Prat. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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